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Versatile products with strong market potential
Raw lacto fermented vegetables can be marketed in many different ways:
  • As a health food, full of nutritional value and rich in “friendly bacteria”
  • As a traditional food, “just like Grandma used to make”
  • To the catering industry, including hotels, restaurants and institutions
  • As a component in sandwiches, salads, and ready meals
  • For regular retail in supermarkets, in the prestige chilled section
  • To niche markets, such as vegetarians, weight watchers, raw food enthusiasts, and many more ...
Friendly bacteria (probiotics)
Raw lacto fermented vegetables are an excellent non-dairy source of “friendly bacteria”, often referred to as probiotics.
The marketing of raw lacto fermented vegetables as prestige, healthy products can build on this increased public awareness. Regular pickled vegetables usually lack this important advantage, as the heating or pasteurising processes effectively destroy the delicate probiotic organisms.
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In many markets, consumers regard raw lacto fermented vegetables as superior to their closest commercial competitors. For example, in North America they are sold as "raw cultured vegetables", with a substantial price premium compared to regular pickles.
Interest in probiotics has increased recently, due to the many studies that indicate their health benefits. The widespread advertising of probiotic products, such as yogurt, has also strengthened public awareness of the beneficial effects of probiotics.