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You can maximise profit from your organic or non-organic crops by making raw lacto fermented vegetables.
  • Excess vegetables
  • Sound but unmarketable vegetables
  • Seasonal variations in production
Commercial vegetable growers
With a relatively small investment in equipment and training, raw lacto fermented vegetables can be produced on-site, and in adjustable volumes.
  • Assess your crops for suitability
  • Select equipment and help with factory layout
  • Choose the right starters for the vegetables that you grow
  • Train your staff and supervise initial production
  • Maximise profits from by-products, such as fermented juices
  • Benefit from our on-going research
We will be pleased to meet with you and visit your site. After we understand your current situation and your objectives, we will be able to help you:
Add value to your regular produce and make efficient use of:
Read more about the market potential for raw lacto fermented vegetables.
Our partners, CBFC, are the leading producers of raw lacto fermented vegetables in North America. Their modern, purpose-built factory in Quebec, Canada, supplies retailers and distributors in Canada and the USA.
Advice based on practical experience
Good for your business
Case study: SIA SunCrisp in Latvia recently partnered with Vitality Foods Ltd to convert surplus vegetables into premium lacto fermented products. Download the SIA SunCrisp case study in PDF format.