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Frequently Asked Questions - General topics
Q: How do raw lacto fermented vegetables differ from most commercial pickles?
A: Raw lacto fermented vegetables are unpasteurised and unheated, and are made without vinegar or
    preservatives. They retain all their valuable friendly bacteria and enzymes.
     See this table for a full comparison.
Q: How can raw lacto fermented vegetables be marketed to consumers?
A: In many different ways! These are versatile products with strong market potential.
Q: What are the advantages of using a starter for fermentation?
A: Starters are microbiological cultures used to assist fermentation. When used correctly, a suitable starter
    can ensure successful and consistent production.
Q: What makes your starters unique?
A: Our range of mixed-strain starters have been specifically designed to make the production of raw
    lacto fermented vegetables more efficient and consistent. These starters have been developed and
    tested in laboratory conditions, and also by practical application in factories in North America, Europe
    and Japan. No other such starters are currently available.
    Read about the advantages of using our starters to produce raw lacto fermented vegetables.
Q: How would I know which starters to use?
A: The choice of which starters to use depends on the type or combination of vegetables being fermented.
     We can advise you on this.
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