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Frequently Asked Questions - Consumer-related topics
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Q: Do the final products contain milk or lactose?
A: No. Raw lacto fermented vegetables made with our starters do not contain milk or milk by-products.
    The term "lacto" is used to describe a broad family of friendly bacteria that transform sugars into
    lactic acid. Some of these bacteria are specific to milk, and others are specific to vegetables.
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Q: Why should consumers eat fermented vegetables when they can eat fresh vegetables?
A: Raw lacto fermented vegetables are rich in friendly bacteria (probiotics). They are easy to digest, and
    they contain many beneficial enzymes. These enzymes help consumers to digest and assimilate the
    other foods that they eat with the fermented vegetables.

Q: Can the products be recommended to specific categories of consumers?
A: Anyone will benefit from the consumption of raw fermented vegetables. They are especially beneficial
    for people with digestive problems, people recovering from illness, and also for the elderly. They are
    also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and weight watchers.
Q: Why are raw fermented vegetables considered suitable for people with candida?
A: Many naturopaths recommend raw fermented vegetables to people with candida. Our unique lactic
    bacteria starters prevent the development of yeasts.
Q: Are raw fermented root vegetables suitable for diabetics?
A: Yes. The fermentation process makes the natural sugars in vegetables easier to assimilate. Diabetics
    can therefore eat root vegetables, such as carrots, after they have been fermented.