CBFC are the leading producers of raw lacto fermented vegetables in North America. Their purpose-built factory in Quebec, Canada is being expanded to cater for increased demand. CBFC offers valuable assistance with: 
  • Planning and preparation
  • Initial pilot, full production and scaling up
  • Marketing, packaging and new product development
Together, we offer an unrivalled combination of expertise and starter technology that can help you maximise your success with lacto fermented vegetables.
Practical experience backed by science 
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CBFC's mixed-strain bacterial starters were developed specifically for lacto fermented vegetables. They are tested and maintained by highly qualified microbiologists at the Food Research and Development Centre near Montreal.
CBFC, in association with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), are the first to apply sustained microbiological research and practical production know-how to the traditional practice of lacto fermentation. In 2007, the team was awarded the FPTT Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for the successful commercialisation of this process. 
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Vitality Foods Ltd is the marketing partner of Caldwell Bio Fermentation Canada Inc (CBFC).
This ongoing research and investment ensures our continued leadership in this field. Advanced laboratory facilities also enable the development of new starters and new applications, often in partnership with our customers.
Preserving tradition with technology
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