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Vitality Foods
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Good for your business
By adding raw lacto fermented vegetables to your existing organic or non-organic product line, you can:
  • Select the right starters for your products
  • Help prepare your factory for trial production and full-scale production
  • Train your staff and supervise initial production
  • Offer marketing and packaging advice
  • Show you how to maximise profits from by-products, such as fermented juices
  • Keep you informed of our on-going research
Vegetable processors
We will be pleased to meet with you and visit your factory. After we understand your current situation and your objectives, we will be able to:
  • Open up new, profitable markets and outlets
  • Make efficient use of your existing equipment and expertise
  • Integrate this new range into your current supply and distribution chains
Read more about the market potential for raw lacto fermented vegetables.
Our partners, CBFC, are the leading producers of raw lacto fermented vegetables in North America. Their modern, purpose-built factory in Quebec, Canada, supplies retailers and distributors in Canada and the USA. You can benefit from:
  • On-site training
  • Production-related support
  • Trials and pilots for new products
Advice based on practical experience
Read how our starters can help you to stabilise and speed up your existing production.
Maximise your current processing methods