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Good for your business
Our unique starters can help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your current production methods.
Important benefits for your existing production
Spontaneous fermentation (without a starter) is uncontrolled, and failures can occur. 
Fermentation with our starters is very fast - about 7 days, instead of several weeks with spontaneous fermentation.
Shortening fermentation time
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Reducing salt requirements
Stabilising the process
Ultimately this determines the success rate - for example, by minimizing the risk of spoilage of an entire batch.
The rapid lowering of the pH within the first 24 hours effectively destroys pathogenic bacteria.
Shorter fermentation times also enable greater productivity and more efficient use of your existing facilities. Halving the fermentation time could double the productivity of your current  infrastructure. Alternatively, you would need less infrastructure to produce the same quantities.
Depending on the product and recipes used, fermentation requires on average about 1.8% salt with our starters, instead of 2.0-2.5% without.
This results in approximately 2kg to 7kg less salt per tonne of finished product, and an approximate saving of 10 to 35 tonnes of salt per year for an annual volume of 5000 tonnes. 
With our specifically developed starters, you can improve the reliability, predictability and control of the fermentation process.
A significant cost reduction and also much healthier products!